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Teens & Children

It’s not easy for teens and children in today’s confusing world. And, it’s often not easy for parents to understand all the pressures faced by their children. What I know for sure is that parents want the best for their kids and want them to grow-up to be happy, productive and loving adults. Parents become discouraged when their kids chronically misbehave and they don’t have good parent-child communication. It is impossible to be an effective parent without positive communication. Therapy works to open lines of honest and loving communication.  

Children and teen misbehaviors may not make sense from an adult point-of-view, but they do make sense from the child’s point-of-view. Every misbehavior is an attempt to fulfill some need. A parent’s job is to understand the need and to direct the misbehavior in a positive direction. For teens in particular, most are trying to fit in with peers and to be viewed as likable. The drive to be accepted is a powerful and natural need. These ideas are explored in depth in the parenting guides for my parenting programs, Parenting Your Teenager and Responsibility Building Workshop For Parents & Kids.

Children and teens with behavioral problems or low school achievement usually benefit greatly from therapy. Often, parent-child conflict is resolved in family therapy.