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Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety disorders include panic attacks, agoraphobia (avoidance of places and situations that are difficult or embarrassing), obsessive and compulsive behaviors, acute stress including post-traumatic stress after being the victim of a crime or experiencing an extremely traumatic event such as sexual abuse, and generalized anxiety and worry.

These disorders are characterized by intense apprehension, fearfulness or terror. Common symptoms include shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, choking or smothering sensations, and fear of going crazy or losing control of the present. People with these disorders often have feelings of pending doom.

Panic attacks often appear suddenly with feelings of intense fear or discomfort and create fear of dying. Agoraphobia, or fear of places or situations, often cause feeling similar to panic attacks. For example, a person may be afraid to leave home for fear of becoming dizzy, fainting or becoming helpless. Sometimes people have extreme fear of social situations. People with obsessive and compulsive issues often recognize that their behaviors are unreasonable and time consuming. They experience ideas, thoughts, impulses or images that are intrusive and unwanted. Generalized anxiety and stress often fill a personal life with undefined worry and fear.