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Sexual Issues

It is sometimes difficult to find balance in our sexual lives. Addiction brings too much of a good thing along with compulsion, danger and self-loathing. Dysfunction belittles, embarrasses and denies what can be one of the greatest joys.

A sexual addict is obsessed with sexual fantasy and compulsively seeks out sexual experiences. Anonymous sex, multiple relationships, one-night stands, affairs or unsuccessful serial relationship are common. Related are love addicts who assign too much time, attention and value to another person. They find themselves continually drawn into unhealthy relationships that cause pain. Addiction is treatable and compulsive behavior can be a thing of the past. 

Low sexual desire may be global with aversion to all forms of sexual expression or may be situational and limited to one partner or to a specific sexual activity. It may be due to psychological factors, medical conditions or substance abuse. A person with low sexual desire usually does not initiate and may be unable to complete sexual activity or may only engage in it reluctantly when it is initiated by the partner. Apparent low desire in one partner may actually reflect an excessive need for sexual expression by the other partner. Or, both partners may have levels of desire within the normal range but at different ends of the continuum. Aging may be associated with lower desire, especially in males, but there are wide individual differences in age effects. Therapy can help resolve sexual dysfunction and foster compability.