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Six Universal Laws of Parenting

Respect ~ Children want to please adults. They crave respect. Love, time and attention are the most powerful forms of respect. Give these gifts freely to encourage positive behaviors.

Kindness ~ Children create themselves; they become the way they are treated. Treated with kindness, they become kind. Treat children harshly and you'll live with the results later. 

Expectations ~ Children with low expectations of themselves stay in low places. Expect little, get little. Children encouraged to have high expectations often reach great heights.

Family Rules ~ Children need rules. "No" can be a positive word. They lack the experience and impulse-control to curb their behaviors. It is the job of adults to set limits so they can grow safely. 

Role Model ~ Children observe everything. They mimic adult behaviors. They become what they see. Positive adults provide a vision of what children might become.

Time ~ Children communicate their true feelings in quiet moments. Gain understanding of children by spending lots of time with them. You'll learn more by listening than talking.